Beyond EU borders

Member States and Frontex together strive to further strengthen cooperation with non-EU countries and to jointly address migration and border security challenges.

Cooperation with non-EU countries is an integral part of the Frontex mandate to ensure promotion of the European integrated border management (IBM) and one of the strategic priorities for the agency’s work. Frontex is committed to developing a tight-knit border management community based on dialogue, exchange of best practices, and trust.

Together with partners from outside of the EU, Frontex works to develop an increasingly connected global border management community that lives up to the highest standards for border management, coast guarding, law enforcement and return. The agency guarantees the protection of fundamental rights and cooperates closely with local authorities to address irregular migration and cross-border crime.

Frontex develops and maintains a reliable network of partnerships with the competent authorities of non-EU countries, particularly in countries neighbouring the EU, as well as in countries of origin and transit for irregular migration, depending on the agency’s cooperation priorities which are based on:

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Priorities of international cooperation at Frontex

Cooperation with non-EU countries is based on clear priorities outlined in the Frontex International Cooperation Strategy, which is renewed every three years. Frontex is committed to ensuring that the agency’s international cooperation work is based on the following principles: