address                                                                               tel.                                                                              
Plac Europejski 6                                                                (+48 22) 205 95 00
(corner of Towarowa and Łucka streets)                      fax.  
00-844 Warsaw                                                                   (+48 22) 205 95 01 


Please be informed that Frontex cannot process personal data and may not be able to process your request any further if the actions are not within the remit of Frontex’s mandate. Therefore, if you wish to report a crime that either is being planned or has already been committed, or if you are the victim of such a crime, we advise you to contact your local or national authorities here. For any other issues or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us via Frontex general email address.

Press Office

Spokesperson: Piotr Świtalski +48 663 205 762


Students / Researchers

Frontex is happy to cooperate with researchers and students and we will do utmost to accommodate their needs.

However, in view of the very high number of requests, we would like to ask you to send your queries at least three weeks in advance to*

We are also able to host groups of students and researchers in our Warsaw headquarters. Please kindly use the email address above to arrange such visits.

*If you intend to send us a letter, please ensure that the full name of the addressee/unit/office/entity is clearly indicated either on the envelope or on the head of the letter. Otherwise the letter will reach the addressee with delay, which will affect the reaction time. If you are not sure of the addressee inside Frontex, please feel free to contact: We will provide you with guidance in terms of the respective competent entity in scope. The same applies to parcels. Please remember that only business-related correspondence can be sent to Frontex address.

Rules for operating drones in the vicinity of Frontex HQ

An active no-fly zone EPP 26 Frontex has been established in the vicinity of the Agency’s headquarters.

Frontex may grant exceptional permissions for flights in the zone. This requires the UAV operator to visit Frontex’s headquarters in person:

Warsaw 00-844, Plac Europejski 6,
From Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 17:00

What you have to bring with you:

  • ID card;
  • A valid UAV Operator License;
  • Consent of PANSA to perform flights in CWA EPWA;
  • Flight area;
  • Dates and times of flights and their completion.
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