Beyond EU borders

Frontex Liaison Officers to non-EU countries

Based on the priorities set by the Frontex Management Board, the agency is developing a network of Frontex Liaison Officers in non-EU countries.

  • Türkiye - based in Ankara, covering Türkiye
  • Western Balkans - Belgrade (based in Belgrade, covering Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro) and Tirana (based in Tirana, covering Albania, North Macedonia, and Kosovo*)
  • West Africa - Senegal (based in Dakar covering The Gambia and Mauritania)
  • Eastern Partnership - based temporarily in Chisinau covering Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan)

Additionally, Frontex has exchanged experts acting as liaison officers with EUNAVFOR MED IRINI and the NATO Operation in the Aegean Sea.

In order to sustain the growing network of FLOs, the agency collaborates with the European Commission, the European External Action Service and other EU actors. The Frontex liaison officers are part of a broader network of other European liaison officers deployed outside of the EU, such as the European Migration Liaison Officers, the European Return Liaison Officers, the Immigration Liaison Officers of EU Member States and future liaison offices of other EU agencies.

This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.

Liaison Officers deployed to Frontex

Frontex may also receive liaison officers posted by non-EU countries or international organisations on a reciprocal basis.

Based on the provisions of the Article 13 of the European Border and Coast Guard Regulation and following the Frontex Management Board Decision 24/2021, in order to facilitate further and more extensive cooperation with EU and Schengen countries, since summer 2021 Frontex hosts liaison officers from these countries in its headquarters. This undertaking is run by Liaison Officers Networks Unit.

Liaison officers contribute to the European Border and Coast Guard objectives, reinforcing the already existing communication channels and workflows, such as the National Frontex Points of Contact and National Coordination Centres, in close coordination with Frontex liaison officers posted in Member States.

Frontex Management Board Decision 03/2023 gives every Member State a possibility to deploy up to two liaison officers. Currently, there are 10 liaison officers representing 6 EU countries and 1 Schengen-associated country.