Risk analysis

Risk analysis

Risk analysis is the starting point for all Frontex activities, from high level strategic decision-making to planning and implementation of operational activities.

Frontex collects a wide range of data from Member States, EU bodies, its partner countries and organisations, as well as from open sources on the situation at and beyond Europe’s borders. The data is analysed with the aim of creating a picture of the situation at the EU’s external borders and the key factors influencing and driving it.

Beyond establishing trends and identifying risks, Frontex also provides advice on appropriate operational responses to various challenges, including cross-border crime, at the EU external borders. This helps optimise the use of available resources and maximise the effectiveness of actions taken. The agency’s risk analysis is used to advise high level decision-making as well for daily coordination of joint operations.

Frontex’s risk analysis activities fall into three categories: Strategic Analysis, Operational Analysis and Third Country Analysis. Strategic Analysis is aimed mostly at high-level strategic decision-makers, while Operational Analysis supports Frontex-coordinated Joint Operations. Third Country Analysis is committed to long-term cooperation with external partners in regions where threats and challenges for the EU external border originate and which they pass through (Western Balkans, Turkey, Eastern Partnership, and Africa).

Selected risk analysis products