WB Q4 2017


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Key findings:
  • The number of illegal border-crossings by non-regional migrants recorded at the green borders decreased in Q4 2017 compared with Q3 2017; it was also lower than that reported in the corresponding quarters over the previous five years.
  • Further indication that migrants are searching for alternative routing to bypass the enhanced controls on the main Serbiacentred corridor was observed in Q4:
    -In November and December 2017, more non-regional migrants were observed travelling south (across the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to Greece) than in the opposite direction;
    -The previously observed increase in migration pressure along the Albania – Montenegro – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia sub-route continued into Q4; migratory pressure could further increase.
  • A slightly higher number of non-regional migrants detected for illegal stay within the region tends to indicate that the enhanced border controls are efficient in preventing easy transit through the Western Balkans.
  • A rise in the number of facilitators may indicate increased demand for such services, which are used in order to bypass enhanced border control measures.
  • The irregular flow of citizens of Western Balkan countries remained largely contained at the southern common borders with Greece.