Update on Ukraine: More Ukrainians entering the EU than returning to Ukraine


Over 6 million Ukrainian nationals have entered the EU since the beginning of the invasion in February.

Between June 16 and 22, more Ukrainians entered the EU (262 606) than returned to their home country (248 697). The number of Ukrainians entering from Belarus and Russia is at the same level as in the previous weeks.

In total, 3.1 million Ukrainians have exited the EU towards their home country since February. There were on average 35 000 Ukrainians daily exiting EU Member States towards Ukraine and Moldova within the last ten days.

Most of the entries and exits continue to take place at the Polish and Romanian borders with Ukraine. Alternative land routes to transport gran out of Ukraine are operating in the two countries and even higher pressure on freight transit is expected at the border crossing points as this season’s harvest approaches.

Frontex continues to monitor refugee flows to facilitate border crossings and support evacuation corridors. We have deployed 396 officers and staff all along the EU’s eastern land border, including 275 to countries neighbouring Ukraine, to support national authorities with border control.