Update on Ukraine: 6.3 million refugees enter the EU from Ukraine and Moldova


6.3 million refugees have entered the EU from Ukraine and Moldova since the invasion. Polish and Romanian border section continue to be the most affected.

More than 3.4 million refugees arrived in Poland. Passenger flows of Ukrainian citizens to EU Member states remain manageable with an average of 32 000 crossings a day.

We are observing an increased number of people entering Ukraine. Since the start of the war, 2 million people entered the country, including more than one million Ukrainians. Within the last 10 days, there were around 32 000 Ukrainians daily exiting EU MS to Ukraine.

18% of the country’s population is internally displaced.

The continuation of the war exacerbates international migration push factors and raises security concerns, highlighting the need for security checks and registrations. Frontex continues monitoring refugee flows to facilitate border crossings and support evacuation corridors. We have 364 officers at EU-UA borders and more 519 officers and staff all along the EU’s Eastern land border to support national authorities with border control.

Frontex supported the organisation of 20 humanitarian return flights helping 739 non-EU citizens fleeing the war in Ukraine return home. The flights were carried out from Poland to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan in cooperation with the relevant embassies.