Peer-to-peer study visit on return and referral mechanisms


Between 6 and 8 May, the Post-Return Unit of the Returns Division and representatives of Egyptian national entities participated in a peer-to-peer study visit to Yerevan, Armenia. This visit was aimed to support the Egyptian authorities in the development of a national return, reintegration and referral mechanism, as well as to gain knowledge of Armenian best practices regarding post arrival and reintegration assistance. The event was organised within the framework of the Technical Assistance Projects for Third Countries on Return, Readmission and Reintegration.

The visit was opened by Ms Arpine Sargsyan, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Armenia. It brought together high-level Armenian national personnel involved in the administration and practical operation of the Armenian national referral mechanism for post arrival and reintegration assistance.

The first day of the visit focused on presentations by the Migration and Citizenship Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, which included the national efforts by various state actors and stakeholders in Armenia to develop their national referral and reintegration mechanism, with presentations and discussions on the availability and practical operation of post arrival assistance in Armenia, and the positive outcomes associated with such programmes.

The second day of the visit was focused on the operational experiences and learned outcomes in post-arrival and reintegration assistance programmes with a visit to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. It was followed by a visit to the Unified Social Services department where the good practices and practical experience a was shared for the benefit of the Egyptian delegation.

The third day of the visit included a presentation by the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs and was followed by presentations of the experiences of the Civil Society Organisations, such as the International Organization for Migration, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development and Caritas in post-arrival and reintegration assistance programmes and schemes. It helped the delegation to learn more on the Armenian return and reintegration process.

This visit also serves as an excellent opportunity for the exchange of best practices involved in the national referral mechanisms, and how Frontex can further support non-EU countries in the field of returns and reintegration.