Frontex to recruit new standing corps officers


Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, has just launched a new recruitment for entry-level positions in the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps, EU’s first uniformed service.

The agency is looking for candidates who are interested to start their career as Frontex border and cost guards. The future officers do not necessarily need prior law enforcement experience as they will undergo 12 months of training organised by Frontex.

The standing corps officers will perform basic border management functions, such as border checks and patrols, identity and document checks, registration of migrants, countering cross-border crime.

The standing corps is composed of Frontex and EU Member States’ officers, who support national authorities facing challenges at their external border.

Frontex border guards work under the command of national authorities of the country they are deployed in. They can work at the borders of EU Member States, but also in non-EU countries that signed a Status Agreement with the European Commission, such as Albania, Montenegro or Serbia. They currently support operations in Italy, Greece, Spain, the Western Balkans, Lithuania and Latvia, but they are also present at border crossing points and airports.

The future standing corps officers will start their one-year training in January 2022. The agency plans to recruit about 200 basic-level and around 100 intermediate-level officers by 2022. More information and recruitment details are available here.