Frontex launches new pilot project in Romania


This week, Frontex and Romanian authorities launched an operational pilot project at the country’s external border with Moldova and Ukraine.

The project – operation Centurion – is conducted within the ongoing Frontex operation in Romania, aims to test a new command structure to further strengthen the effectiveness of Frontex operations.

The EU border guard keeps growing, which requires us to redefine tasks and responsibilities among the members of the teams. The new command structure will allow the agency to react faster and more efficiently to operational needs in a more transparent and accountable manner,” said Deputy Head of Frontex Lars Gerdes who is in charge of operations.

With the rapidly growing number of officers, the agency needs to take steps to reinforce the command in the field and decentralise some of its activities for better coordination and communication with host country authorities.

The establishment of the first European uniformed service marked a fundamental change in the context of how the agency manages and implements the operational response activities. The growing deployments of EU border guards, including increased number of agency’s own staff requires a robust and effective management structure to ensure that all operations are properly implemented.

Frontex has currently more than 2 500 border and coast guard officers deployed in and beyond the EU and is planning to reach 10 000 until 2027.

Starting in 2024, the new command structure will be implemented across all Frontex operations. National authorities remain responsible for the tactical command in the respective operational areas.