2023 In Brief - Our accomplishments and goals


24 operations, 2 500 EU border guards, 43 000 people rescued at sea and 39 000 people returned with our support. 

In 2023 – a year with the highest levels of irregular migration since 2016 – Frontex was there when Member States needed us the most.  

We launched a new operation in North Macedonia and performed first border checks outside the EU. We reinforced Finland with 50 additional border officers within days of the request from the Finnish authorities. We teamed up with 44 countries and international organisations in the world’s largest operation against human trafficking. Our Fundamental Rights Office and its monitors have conducted missions to 30 countries. 

The year ahead is defined by clear goals: strengthening our partnerships, unwavering respect for fundamental rights, and nurturing a supportive work environment for our employees. 

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