European Course for Canine Team Instructors


How do you go from a skilled dog specialist to a Frontex-certified instructor? 

For one, you can take part in the European Course for Canine Team Instructors – special training for experienced dog handlers, who want to train other officers on how to work with service dogs. 

We meet Anton Radu from the Frontex Academy, as well as Ivo and Baiba, two participants in the course. Watch their practical exams and find out what it takes to be a dog handler and instructor! 

The course is for all law enforcement officers: border guards, policemen, firemen.   

“We talk about law enforcement in general because for the dog, the uniform doesn't matter – the animal doesn't know that it works for the border guard or for the police or for the fire department. You cannot institutionalise a dog,” says Radu, an education design specialist and originator of the course.