Industry Day: pre-registration solutions for the Entry/Exit System


On 29 May 2024, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, will hold an Industry Day on pre-registration solutions in relation to the future European Entry/Exit System (EES). The EES is a large-scale ICT system, which will register the entry and exit of most non-Schengen nationals at the EU external borders.

In conjunction with the upcoming EES, Frontex has been developing the Quick Border Application. Designed for third country nationals, the app will help register those travelling to/from the Schengen area for short stays. The pilot version of the app is currently being tested.

In this context, Frontex is particularly interested in the following solutions:

  • integrated solutions featuring EES-compliant facial image capture and presentation attack detection;
  • mobile self-service solutions for fingerprint acquisition;
  • solutions for reading/scanning documents, including travel documents;
  • queue management software for customer service;
  • mobile solutions capable of reading visa/residence documents to confirm validity;
  • biometric data capture and verification solutions for mobile devices;
  • integrated advance passenger information collection and/or ticketing solutions;
  • mobile solutions for collecting/storing personal data on board ships/trains, etc;
  • travel authorisation web solutions;
  • other self-service or mobile solutions/apps relevant for the Entry/Exit System.

What’s in it for you?

Industry Day is an opportunity to:

  • share your latest technological developments and state-of-the-art solutions by delivering a short presentation;
  • register your innovative solutions on an interactive digital exhibition platform;
  • connect with the European Border and Coast Guard community composed of Frontex experts and Member States’ border guard authorities.

How to participate?

If you are a private company developing cutting-edge technology solutions with impact on a mobile pre-registration, we invite you to express your interest to present your novel technology by 14 May 2024 by filling in the online registration form.

Technological solutions must respect the legal limitations resulting from the data protection rules and human rights provisions. All submissions will be evaluated internally, ensuring alignment with the needs of the European Border and Coast Guard community while guaranteeing the fair and transparent treatment of all participants. The selection is based on the following criteria: effectiveness, efficiency, innovation and relevance for the European Border and Coast Guard community. All relevant innovative solutions will be given the opportunity to register on Frontex’s interactive digital exhibition platform.

Industry Day: your when and where

Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2024

Venue: Webex

Audience: Frontex internal units and Member States representatives

Themes: pre-registration, biometrics, Entry/Exit System

Expression of interest deadline: 14 May 2024

Report Industry Day on Pre-Registration Solutions for EES

We are happy to share the downloadable agenda, report and presentations from the Industry Day on Pre-Registration Solutions for EES.

How many companies presented their solutions?

8 companies presented their technological solutions in a virtual meeting.

What was discussed during the meetings?

The meeting enabled a direct and comprehensive discussion on the services included in the submissions between the providers and Frontex.

Where can I find all the presentations?

All presentations can be accessed below.