Report: Frontex September 2023 Industry Days - Remotely piloted aircraft and autonomous systems technology


September 2023 Industry Days Report

We are happy to share the downloadable files and presentations from our Frontex Industry Day on remotely piloted aircraft and autonomous systems technology that took place on 6 and 7 September. The announcement can be consulted below, under the presentations.

What did we seek?

The objective of the call was to attract service providers in the field of remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) and autonomous systems.

How many proposals did we receive?

  • 19 relevant submissions, out of which
  • 16 were selected to be presented in a virtual meeting.

What did we discuss in the meeting?

The meeting enabled a direct and comprehensive discussion on the solutions included in the submissions between the providers and Frontex experts.

Where can I find the presentations?

All presentations can be accessed via the links below.

Frontex online Industry Days: Remotely piloted aircraft and autonomous systems technology – 6 September 2023


On 6 September, Frontex is organising Industry Days focused on bridging the gap between Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), autonomous systems technology, and the current border security challenges.

These systems have a significant potential for law enforcement as they can be used to provide enhanced situation awareness. They have also proven to be flexible, cost-effective and scalable.

The upcoming event will be an opportunity to present the latest advancements in three technological areas:

1) RPAS-in-a-box: autonomous aerial systems designed to be rapidly deployed and retrieved from self-contained take-off and landing units. These systems present a transformative approach to various border management operations by using state-of-the-art sensors and advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities – especially if equipped with easily deployable features, a cover box or container, a landing pad, and self-recharging capabilities.

2) Tactical RPAS: aerial vehicles with protracted flight endurance, increased maneuverability and flexible deployability. These vehicles provide law enforcement authorities with real-time situational awareness, allowing for a proactive response to potential threats and ensuring faster and more precise operations.

3) Unmanned Surface Vessels (USV): unmanned and/or autonomous vessels able to perform various coastal and maritime border security missions such as patrolling, surveillance, reconnaissance and search and rescue operations, thus bolstering border management along waterways.

Frontex supports European Union Member States in the development of modern technologies for the European Border and Coast Guard community. As part of its mandate, the agency regularly meets with industry representatives, researchers, and experts from Member States to provide a platform for discussion and foster the development of new technologies and innovations related to border control.


Practical information

What are Industry Days?

Industry Days are a platform to interact and engage with experts from the European Border and Coast Guard community. The goal is to create a forum where participants can freely discuss the proposed technological innovations.

The Industry Days will be held in an online format which will host engaging presentations and dynamic discussions, alongside an interactive digital exhibition platform. Each participating entity will be granted a 40-minute slot; during this time a presentation, Q&A session, and collaborative discussions will be held.

Who can participate and how to register?

If your organisation is at the forefront of these transformative technological advancements and you wish to place your innovation in the spotlight, we invite you to register. Follow this link to sign-up for the upcoming Industry Day. Please provide an overview of the technology you wish to showcase. Registration will be open until 24 August 2023

Attendance is by invitation only, more information will be communicated separately to the selected applicants. Technological solutions must respect the legal limitations resulting from the European Union data protection rules and human rights provisions.

How will the submissions be evaluated?

All submissions will be evaluated internally, ensuring alignment with the needs of the European Border and Coast Guard community while ensuring the fair and transparent treatment of all participants. Every significant contribution will be showcased on our dedicated online platform.

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