Frontex Industry Days: join us on 29-30 March


On 29-30 March, Frontex, will hold an online meeting with industry on innovative technologies relevant for border management. Given the core role of technology in European Integrated Border Management, Frontex would like to invite representatives of industry to demonstrate innovative technologies that can support law enforcement activities in border management. The conference will provide a platform for dialogue between the European border and coast guard community and industry. Industry representatives are invited to express their interest by completing an online survey available here by 21 March.

Our programme and expectations

Over the course of a two-day programme, 16 industry representatives will discuss and spotlight their latest approaches, technologies, and solutions (whether already available on the market or under development), which can benefit border management at the external EU (European Union) borders and within the EU area in respect of EU regulations. Selected providers will be invited to present and share knowledge on technology applications in a virtual meeting and each representative will have a 40-minute timeslot to explain their research and products, including Q&A and open discussions. All relevant applicants will be given the possibility to make known the relevant solutions on a dedicated online platform.  

By organising this event, Frontex wishes to create a forum for technology providers to present how technologies can help to solve the challenges of:

  • Balancing security and privacy: The use of biometric identification and tracking systems raises concerns about privacy and civil liberties. It is important to balance the need for security with the need to protect individual rights, such as the right to privacy. 

  • Interoperability and data sharing: To be effective, innovative solutions must be interoperable and able to share data across different border management systems (e.g., surveillance systems, aerial assets, remote sensing etc.) and multiple users, considering consistent data protection standards. 

  • Resource allocation: The deployment of innovative solutions can be costly and resource intensive. It is important to allocate resources in a strategic and efficient manner, based on risk assessments and threat analyses, to ensure that the most vulnerable areas are adequately protected. 

  • Technical challenges: The implementation of advanced technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and biometric identification systems, requires specialized technical expertise and resources. This includes training and capacity-building for law enforcement and border control personnel as well as ongoing maintenance and updates to the technology. 

  • Ethical considerations: The use of advanced technologies raises ethical considerations, such as the potential for bias in AI algorithms or the misuse of biometric data. It is important to ensure that the use of these technologies is transparent, accountable, and governed by clear ethical guidelines. 

Technological solutions must respect the legal limitations resulting from the data protection rules and human rights provisions.

Who can apply and how?

If you are an industry representative interested in this online event and ready to present your relevant projects and technologies, please complete our online survey available here.

If you have already submitted your application via the online form after 25 November 2022, it will be considered, and you do not need to repeat your application.  The received proposals will be evaluated and selected based on their relevance to border management in a way to ensure a balanced representation of different thematic areas. The last day to apply is 21 March.

Attendance to this meeting is by invitation only, more information will be communicated separately to relevant applications.

Frontex’s role in Industry Days

Frontex assists the EU Member States in supporting the development of modern technologies for the border and coast guard community. As part of its mandate, Frontex regularly meets with industry, researchers, and experts from the Member States to provide a platform for discussion and help develop new technologies and innovations related to border control. There Industry Days allow for a transparent procedure of consultations with industry representatives. Frontex regularly informs about such meetings on its website. 

The agency has developed a transparency register to ensure that the contacts with the industry are as transparent and fair as possible. All meetings and contacts of the Executive Director, Deputy Executive Directors and Heads of Divisions in matters concerning procurement procedures and tenders for services, equipment or outsourced projects and studies are registered in this tool. 


The Frontex Industry Days (I-Days) are a series of meetings held with industry representatives where the latest developments in technology and solutions applicable for border management are showcased and discussed.

Following the announcement, 158 relevant submissions were received from Industry in the period covered by the call (25 November 2022 - 21 March 2023), out of which 16 were selected to be invited to the online meeting format. Over the course of a two-day programme, these selected solutions were presented and discussed, covering latest approaches, technologies, and upgrades , which can benefit border management at the external EU borders and within the EU area in respect of EU regulations. All applicants were invited to share details of the technical and practical features of their proposed solutions through an online showcase platform, which enabled interaction with attendees.