Call to industry: remote and mobile equipment for border checks


Call to industry – Remote and mobile equipment for border checks

Pre-registration, remote and mobile tools suitable for border checks, mobile apps for traveller pre-registration – if you represent an industry that specialises in one or more of such products, then we are inviting you to submit your product offer.  On 27 April 2023, Frontex will host an industry demonstration in Munich, Germany, where the selected solutions will be demonstrated at a live event to experts from EU countries and Frontex. All relevant technology providers will also showcase their products on an online marketplace platform.

Getting ready for novelties in EU entry/exit system

Member States are currently preparing for the implementation of a new entry/exit system which will imply new processes for border checks and may bring challenges both for border guards and travellers. The new requirements may necessitate more time and effort and add to the stress experienced at the border crossing point. We are looking to offset this effect by applying technological solutions to facilitate the checks. 

For example, travellers could use a self-service pre-registration tool on their own device (e.g., a mobile app), utilise a self-service kiosk at a terminal entrance, or be approached by a border guard with a registration tablet. All these technological options provide a way to conduct border check processes before or during travel, which is the potential that Frontex is currently exploring. 

What are we looking for?

Frontex invites industry stakeholders to share information on their latest solutions. We are particularly interested in the following areas: 

  • pre-registration self-service solutions – web applications,
  • biometrics – facial and fingerprint acquisition,
  • document checks,
  • self-sovereign identity solutions,
  • digital travel credentials software,
  • integrated solutions for mobile border checks – for biometrics and document checks,
  • handheld border check devices,
  • presentation attack detection solutions for self-service systems, including liveness detection,
  • secure QR code solutions,
  • other solutions relevant to the event topic.

It is important to note that all technological solutions proposed must respect the legal constraints resulting from the European data protection rules and fundamental rights provisions. 

How to apply?

Industry representatives interested in attending the meeting are welcome to complete an online survey. The deadline for submission is 14 April 2023. 

Frontex will evaluate all the received proposals and the selected companies may then be invited to a live demonstration taking place in Munich, Germany, on 27 April 2023, or to an online meeting. All relevant companies will also be given the opportunity to present their products in an online showcase. Companies submitting proposals should be ready to demonstrate at the very least a working prototype of their solution.

Information about the selection will be provided by 18 April 2023. 

Attendance to this meeting is by invitation only, more information will be communicated separately to relevant applicants. Participation is free of charge and Frontex will reimburse the attendance costs to the speakers.

Frontex assists EU Member States by supporting the development of modern technologies for the border and coast guard community. As part of its mandate, Frontex regularly meets with industry, researchers, and experts from Member States to provide a platform for discussion and help develop new technologies and innovations related to border control. The Industry Days allow for a transparent procedure of consultations with industry representatives. Frontex regularly informs about such meetings on its website. 

The agency has developed a transparency register to ensure that its contacts with industry are as transparent and fair as possible. All meetings and contacts of the executive director, deputy executive directors and heads of divisions in matters concerning procurement procedures and tenders for services, equipment or outsourced projects and studies are registered.