Standing corps

Tactical Support Officers


„I have joined the Frontex standing corps after 15 years of service in the Romanian Border Police. I was seconded for a number of Frontex missions, so joining the standing corps was a natural career path for me.

Now I am deployed in Lithuania as Frontex Tactical Support Officer as part of the operation at the border with Belarus.

What are the most important qualities of a technical support officer? I guess you need to be well-organised, excellent in communication and reporting.

I am in contact with national authorities and our 130 deployed officers on a daily basis to ensure that the operation runs smoothly. I am not only scheduling the officers’ working shifts, but also assisting them in everyday challenges such as finding a doctor, planning leaves or finding accommodation. I am fulfilled when at the end of the day I know that the work I do makes the life of others easier.

Cooperation with Lithuanian authorities is excellent. They are proud that Frontex is present. One day the rapid border intervention will be over but Frontex’ print will stay for years ahead.

This is our added value. We show - to Lithuania, but also to all of Europe - that we stand together and that they are not left alone.”

Frontex tactical support officers are in charge of the planning of Frontex operational response in the field. They are in close contact with the national authorities and the deployed officers. They organise the work of Frontex operational personnel on the ground and assist them in whatever is needed. The officers are also in charge of monitoring and reporting on the existing infrastructure, installation and the deployment of technical equipment.

The support officers are also responsible for compiling daily reports on ongoing operational activities based on information from border guard officers, debriefers and crew members of the deployed cars and boats. They provide training for deployed staff on first aid and in particular tactical emergency casualty care.