Standing corps

Information Officers


“My name is Marisa. I joined the Frontex standing corps after 24 years of service in the Portuguese Army and the National Republican Guard. I am deployed to the agency’s headquarters as an Information Officer at the Frontex Situational Centre where I am a member of Frontex Media Monitoring Team.

Information officers work on shifts round the clock. We search, collect and gather data that is later turned into information used to make reports that can be further used in decision-making.

To do this job you need to be curious, pay attention to details and be aware of what is happening around them. This profile requires knowledge from several areas like politics, geopolitics, economy, history and more.

The role of an Information Officer is important as the inputs provide an impact on the operational, tactical and strategic levels. On a daily basis, I follow media platforms to provide media alerts and tailor-made reports to the Member States, Frontex and its stakeholders.

I believe that we all should try to protect the EU’s external borders. Joining the Frontex standing corps is my contribution to the safety and security of the EU.”

Information officers monitor, produce and deliver situational reports that help to provide the entire agency and its partners with a near-real-time updated situational picture of the EU external borders and beyond.