Standing corps

Information Officers


“At Frontex, I work as an information officer for the Risk Analysis Unit. One of my main tasks is to coordinate information gathering after interviews with migrants. We ensure that every person who crossed the border is properly identified.

We want to understand who they are, where did they come from and how did they arrive. The information we gather is later put together in different documents such as analytical reports or the Annual Risk Analysis published by Frontex every spring.

This is a very demanding job that requires a lot of empathy, understanding and knowledge. We have the closest contacts with the migrants which provides a unique possibility to identify vulnerable groups, for instance minors or victims of human trafficking. We deal with people who are travel-exhausted because they walked for a few days, victims of criminal activities who spent all their savings or even created high debts.

To perform this job it is important to observe, have good verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and to constantly brush up your knowledge on different migratory routes, political and social situation of countries of origin, transit and departure.

Frontex provides additional expertise and support to its host countries. The Agency makes knowledgeable not only EU countries but also its partners in Western Balkans.”

Debriefing officers carry out voluntary and anonymous interviews with migrants in order to collect information for risk analysis, on irregular migration and other cross-border crime including trafficking in human beings and terrorism by applying adequate interviewing techniques.