Standing corps

Debriefing Officers


Mara is a debriefing officer deployed in Albania. Before joining Frontex standing corps, Mara served in Guardia Costiera as a flight engineer, patrolling the Italian border.

“My main task as a debriefer is to conduct voluntary interviews with migrants and gather information they share with us. In principle, we are available 24/7 to be able to meet the migrants upon their arrival. It is important to show empathy. Very often they are victims of human smugglers, they are tired and frightened after a long and dangerous journey.

This job requires one to pay a lot of attention to detail. After each interview we prepare a report, and we need to ensure that every piece of information is correct and matches reality. Our reports go to Frontex analysts, who are then developing the situational picture.

Thanks to this activity, Frontex constitutes the main hub of information that is later shared with the Europol, European Commission and the Member States in the form of reports and analyses.”