Frontex statement following European Parliament’s vote on budget discharge


On 18 October, the European Parliament voted against the approval of the Frontex budgetary discharge for 2020 and presented various recommendations to improve the agency. At the same time, the Members of the European Parliament noted that corrective actions have been taken in relation to Frontex’s obligations in the context of safeguarding fundamental rights.

The agency’s Executive Management acknowledged the decision of the Members of the European Parliament, while emphasising the many improvements the agency has implemented in recent months to restore the trust of the European institutions and the public.

Even though the Parliament voted against the discharge, I am proud of everything the agency has done in recent months to implement the various recommendations from the legislators to set our agency on the right path. We cannot be discouraged and must stay the course because what we are doing is important for all of Europe,” said Executive Director ai. Aija Kalnaja.

We will continue to take further steps to address both existing and any emerging issues that may surface in order to make the best of the agency and the mandate it has been given. There is significant added value in what the agency brings to Member States. We have to comply with relevant legislation and adhere to the principles of good governance. We have to remember that this is the discharge for 2020 and it doesn’t impact recent developments within the agency and all the hard work done to rectify the situation,” she added.

In recent months, Frontex successfully implement the majority of the recommendations formulated in two reports prepared by the European Parliament's Committee on Budgetary Control (CONT).

The Agency has taken various actions to improve its operational activities and standards to meet stakeholders’ expectations for the European Union’s most vibrant and operational agency. These actions aim to enhance the agency as a workplace and an organisation with the central purpose of supporting Member States in securing the EU’s common external borders. They range from improved budgetary and financial management to greater respect of fundamental rights throughout all of the agency’s activities to transparency to allow all stakeholders and EU citizens better view and understanding of the essential activities of Frontex.

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