Research and Innovation

Are you a company or consortium that would like to present your products and services to Frontex, or to a wider forum of EU Border Guard authorities?

Here’s how you can do this in four easy steps:

Fill out the proposal form with a short description of a service you want to present.

Information on the upcoming Industry Meetings is available in the announcement section. The proposals identified as most relevant for the activities of European Border and Coast Guard are offered a presentation slot. These meetings may have a virtual or live format and are attended by Frontex operational staff, experts from Member States’ border guard authorities, with specific knowledge and responsibilities for border control and surveillance, and also experts from other JHA agencies.

The selection of the submitted proposals is based on the novelty and potential impact of the company’s products and/or services for the border guard community.

You will be offered a limited time slot to make your presentation so make sure you make the most of it. Keep your presentation to the point by presenting a limited number of products/services and minimise any generic/introductory comments.

Following an industry event Frontex will gather feedback from your audience and share it with you to make sure you gain the most from the experience.

Frontex also organises workshops, meetings and conferences on specific topics related to border security solutions and invites participants from industry, academia and research institutes. News concerning such events are published on the Frontex website in the Announcements pages.

We look forward to meeting you at our Industry Days and thematic workshops!

How to contact us

If you are interested in our procurement procedures, please check the tender procedures we’ve announced in the Procurement section.

For all the other questions and general inquiries, please visit the Media/Contact section.

We are transparent

Frontex experts regularly meet with commercial providers in the context of research and innovation activities, such as I-Days, conferences, workshops, and demonstrations, to understand which solutions can be useful for border and coast guard authorities.

All these events are communicated on Frontex’s website through a public announcement. The selection of commercial providers invited to virtual or live presentations follows the criteria based on novelty, uniqueness, and a potential impact of the proposed solution on the operational needs of the European border and coast guard community. This allows fair treatment and transparent participation between applicants. Information on each meeting is publicly available on the website.

A comprehensive list of the meetings held during the course of a given year between Frontex and commercial providers, in the context of research and innovation related activities, such as Industry Days, conferences, workshops and demonstrations, is available below.