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WB Q3 2018


Files available for download WB Q3 2018 (841.8 KB) Key findingsOverall, the number of illegal border-crossings by non-regional[1] migrants at the green borders rose 39 % compared with Q2 2018. Iranians were the top detected non-regional migrants crossing the borders illegally, largely after misusing their visa-free status in Serbia. They projected pressure north and south. The reintroduction of visa requirements for Iranians in Serbia will likely decrease migratory pressure exerted by these ...

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FRAN Q3 2015


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/FRAN_Q3_2015.pdf (5.1 MB) Between the second and third quarter of 2015, the FRAN indicators of illegal border-crossings between BCPs, illegal stay, and asylum increased exponentially, reaching their highest ever recorded levels since data collection for the respective indicators began. On the other hand, Member States reported fewer detections of illegal border-crossing at BCPs and effective returns to third countries than in Q2 2015. ...

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WB ARA 2013


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/WB_ARA_2013.pdf (3.3 MB) The Western Balkans has gone through rapid and significant changes regarding irregular migration trends following the introduction of visa-free travel arrangements with Member States and Schengen Associated Countries. For example, the region has transitioned from largely a source to mostly transit area in terms of illegal border-crossings. More precisely, almost three quarters of all detections of illegal ...

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Frontex Management Board meets with partners from the Western Balkans


The Management Board of Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, met in Warsaw with partners from the Western Balkan countries to discuss joint strategies to address migration and security challenges in the region.  The participants, who included chiefs of the border authorities of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia spoke about how Frontex, the Western Balkans and EU Member States can together improve their ability to track migratory ...

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Latest Trends at external borders of the EU


Although some data are still missing for De­cember 2014, the number of detections of illegal border-crossing in 2014 as a whole to­talled about 278 000. This is two and a half times larger than the year before (107 000) and twice as much as in 2011 (141 000) dur­ing the initial stages of the Arab Spring. This increase is mostly connected to the increas­ing number of refugees and displaced people worldwide, related to the ongoing conflict in Syria and its spread to Iraq, which have cre­ated the ...

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WB ARA 2014


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/WB_ARA_2014.pdf (2.6 MB) Overall, 2013 was a year of records. Starting with more than 40 000 detections for illegal border-crossing at regional and common green borders*, the number was 27% higher than during 2012. Half of all detections occurred at only one border section: Serbia-Hungary, mostly in the period between January and July 2013. The sharp rise of irregular flows at this border section clearly indicated how a change in asylum ...

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Jesuit Refugee Service The Jesuit Refugee Service is an international Catholic organisation. Its mission is to accompany, to serve and to plead the cause of refugees and forcibly displaced people. The JRS was set up by the Society of Jesus in 1980 and is now working over 50 countries worldwide. JRS works with all refugees but has a particular concern at present for the "forgotten" refugees who have moved out of the media spotlight. JRS-E is part of the international JRS. It is responsible...

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166 arrested in international crackdown against crime in Southeast Europe


A total of 34 countries teamed up last week to combat organised and serious international crime originating from Southeast Europe as part of joint action days (JAD). The four-day operation was aimed at tackling illegal immigration and the trafficking of firearms and drugs, which are key priorities of the European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats (EMPACT). Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, took part in the operation within the framework of its land border ...

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Frontex and Albania strengthen their partnership


Today, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and Albanian authorities signed an agreement to strengthen their cooperation in border management, fighting cross-border crime and return. “The new agreement will build upon more than 12 years of cooperation with the Albanian authorities in border management. For a year and a half, Frontex officers have been working shoulder-to-shoulder with their national counterparts in Albania to combat cross-border crime,” said Frontex Executive ...

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FRAN Q2 2013


Files available for download Publications/Risk_Analysis/FRAN_Q2_2013.pdf (2.5 MB) Overall in Q2 2013 there were 24 805 detections of illegal border-crossing along the external borders of the EU. In comparative terms, this figure represented a 7.4% in-crease in relation to the same quarter in 2012 and a 155% increase compared to the previous quarter. This is the sharpest in-crease between two consecutive quarters ever recorded since 2008, highlighting the rapidly evolving situation at the ...

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