Frontex offers our employees a competitive package of benefits. We provide a range of services for all staff, which for expats will ease your transition to Warsaw and make sure the inconveniences of life in a foreign city won’t distract you from your job.

Our package of benefits includes:

  • Sickness and medical insurance
  • A competitive EU pension scheme
  • Flexi-time
  • Teleworking
  • Reimbursements for sports and fitness club memberships
  • Public transport card
  • Language classes
  • Assistance from the expatriate services team
  • Tax advantages for expatriate staff provided by the Polish authorities

Sickness and medical insurance

Staff is covered 24/7 and worldwide by the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS). You will be insured against sickness and the risk of occupational disease and accident, as well as entitled under certain conditions to a monthly unemployment allowance, the right to receive payment of invalidity allowance and travel insurance.

EU pension scheme

Throughout your service, you will be a member of the EU pension scheme. A pension is awarded after you complete a minimum of 10 years of service and reach the pensionable age of 66. Pension rights acquired in one or more national schemes before starting to work at Frontex may be transferred into the EU pension system.

Reimbursement of sport activities

Frontex employees receive an allowance of EUR 1200 per year to cover sports activities.

Public transport card

Frontex employees receive a Warsaw public transport card good for free travel by Metro, trams and buses, 24/7. Warsaw’s extensive public transport system includes a 2-line Metro, trams and buses. The city has invested heavily in new rolling stock in recent years, and the Metro is still expanding. Frontex is located next to Rondo Daszyńskiego, a stop on Metro Line 2 and a hub for trams and buses.

Language classes

Frontex offers in-house language courses in a number of EU languages (English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish), and reimbursement of the cost of language courses for staff posted outside the Frontex headquarters in Warsaw.

Assistance from the expatriate services team

Our expatriate services office works hard to smooth your transition to Warsaw and ensure your stay in the Polish capital is hassle-free. We’ll help you with many of the formalities of moving and getting started on your life here (ID documents, car registration, banking and more). We also provide advice on Polish and EU law related to your stay, and publish occasional announcements on important events and developments.

If you are a deployed standing corps officer in Poland, the Expatriate Services office will provide support to your family as regards your installation in Poland.

Accredited European School in Warsaw

Further to Frontex Headquarters Agreement, signed with the Polish Authorities, an Accredited European School has been opened in Warsaw. As of June 2021, the International European School Warsaw, located in Wilanów has officially been accredited by the European Schools system. The school provides a European multilingual education to children of all Frontex staff, including Polish nationals, free of charge.

Currently, there are two language sections (more to be considered depending on demand), English and Polish, available to children aged 4 to 16. More levels, up to the European Baccalaureate, will open gradually in the following years.

Accredited European Schools meet the requirements for European Schools but are accredited by the Member State’s authorities. They help facilitate mobility within the EU by offering a multilingual and multicultural education to the children of European institutions staff in places where a fully-fledged European School is not available. More information about the curriculum and organisation of studies within the European Schools system here.

Tax advantages for expatriate staff provided by the Polish authorities

Under our headquarters agreement with the Polish authorities, our host country provides the following main benefits to Frontex expatriate, non-Polish and non-permanent resident staff:

(a) reimbursement of VAT on purchases of household effects to assist a newcomer to settle in Warsaw;

(b) reimbursement of VAT and exemption from excise tax on the purchase of a private car or motorbike (this entitlement is renewable after 36 months).

(c) customs clearance and tax-free resettlement of property in case of removal to Poland.


Frontex has a policy of flexible work schedules, allowing you to adjust your working hours to your personal needs as far as the good of the service permits. You are required to keep a certain number of hours fixed, to ensure smooth interaction with other members of your team. 


There are on average 18 public holidays per year, and staff is entitled to annual leave of two working days per each complete calendar month of service. Additionally, you would be entitled to a number of additional days of leave, depending on your grade, age and distance from your place of origin. Special leave is granted for certain circumstances such as marriage, birth or adoption of a child.

For further information on working conditions please refer to the Staff Regulations of Officials and Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities (CEOS)