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Screening expert


Saso is a Slovenian expert working for Frontex on Lesvos as screener as part of operation Poseidon. He helps the Greek authorities to determine the nationality of migrants arriving on the island. He is one of the protagonists of an EU Commission’s video on Europe’s ordinary heroes. “I’m an expert screener at the Moria centre here in Lesbos. My job is to establish the nationality of migrants arriving on the island, because many of them don’t carry any identification. I help local police register ...

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Border surveillance officer


Meet David, a Portuguese officer working on Lesvos as part of Frontex operation Poseidon: "My role here in Lesvos is Border Surveillance Officer aboard a coastal patrol boat of Portuguese Maritime Police. I’m also a member of the tactical team if tactical boarding is required. I am trained in advanced first aid, which is sometimes needed in rescue operations. Back home in Lisbon I’m a member of the GAT Tactical Team. It is a strategical reserve unit of Maritime Police, trained to perform ...

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Advanced Level Document Officer (ALDO)


In order to diminish the risks associated with identity and document fraud, Frontex deploys Advanced Level Document Officers (ALDOs) to support the national authorities with performing checks of travel and identification documents of incoming migrants. ALDOs have specialised knowledge of different levels of security features of travel documentation. This enables them to assess the authenticity of documents and whether they are presented by the rightful holder. ALDOs are deployed to hotspots, as ...

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Kas yra Frontex?

Europos sienų ir pakrančių apsaugos agentūra Frontex įsteigta 2004 m., siekiant padėti ES valstybėms narėms ir Šengeno asocijuotosioms šalims apsaugoti ES laisvo judėjimo erdvės išorės sienas. Kadangi Frontex yra ES agentūra, finansavimas jai skiriamas iš ES biudžeto, taip pat iš Šengeno asocijuotųjų šalių įnašų. Numatoma, kad iki 2020 m. agentūroje dirbs apie 1 000 darbuotojų, iš kurių beveik ketvirtadalis yra komandiruojami valstybių narių ir grįš į savo nacionalinę tarnybą pasibaigus...

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Team leader of the Portuguese team working on Lesvos


Meet Louis from the Portuguese Maritime Police working for Frontex in Greece:"My name is Louis, I’m an officer from the Portuguese Maritime Police. Here on Lesvos, I am the team leader of the Portuguese crew working for Frontex’s mission Poseidon.We mostly work during the night, conducting patrols. The Portuguese Maritime Police have extensive experience in Search and Rescue operations, thus this is the most important part of our job. Finding people in distress, rescuing them, bringing them ...

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The people rescued by vessels deployed in Frontex operations often require medical attention. Many of the larger boats have their own medical staff to help the migrants, as well as their own crews, in emergencies. They also assist the most vulnerable people aboard, especially children.Meet Bruno, a doctor from the Portuguese Navy, deployed aboard Portuguese OPV Viana do Castelo in Frontex Operation Triton in Italy:“As a military doctor, I must be prepared to provide medical support in numerous ...

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Saïda, an officer from Belgium


Meet Saïda, our Advanced Level Document Officer from Belgium working in Greece. “I have been a police officer for 19 years. I started my adventure with Frontex 12 years ago and have not stopped ever since. I worked with Frontex in Italy, Malta, Greece and Spain and now I’m working as an Advanced Level Document Officer on the Greek island of Chios. I specialise in the detection of human trafficking and smuggling and false, forged and fraudulently obtained documents. These are elements that are ...

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Dog handler


Miloslav is a Czech police officer working in the port of Algeciras in Spain with his patrol dog Fanouš. They help inspect the thousands of vehicles passing through the border crossing after arriving in the port by ferries. “The most difficult – for the dog and for the human – is the afternoon shift because of the heat. Sometimes I have to sprinkle water on the hot asphalt to make sure that Fanouš doesn’t hurt his paws while working. We have been working together for many years. I’ve had him ...

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Finnish border guard


Antti is a Finnish border guard working for Frontex at the land border between Albania and Greece. He is part of the first group of Frontex officers deployed outside the European Union. His main task is to support his Albanian colleagues with the detection of forged documents.  “My name is Antti and I am a Finnish border guard. I normally work at the border between Finland and Russia. Here, I will help my Albanian colleagues detect forged documents, as well as victims of human trafficking. ...

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Frontex and Poland sign the headquarters agreement


Today, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, and the Polish government signed the headquarters agreement, which defines the legal status for the agency and its employees in Poland. The agreement will also allow Frontex to build its new headquarters in Warsaw on land provided by the Polish government. Frontex Executive Director Fabrice Leggeri and Poland's Minister of the Interior Mariusz Błaszczak “The signing of the headquarters agreement with Poland is key for the development ...

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