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Iceland: Landhelgisgæslu Íslands

The Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG) is a law enforcement agency which has the primary task of being responsible for maritime surveillance, safety and security around Iceland. This includes both monitoring and response operations. As such the most extensive duties are search and rescue, safety and security surveillance and law enforcement at sea. Law enforcement operations contain protection against illegal activities such as illegal migration and illegal drug trafficking, fisheries control and enforcement, pollution surveillance and response, natural resource and ecology protection. Salvage and rescue diving plays a considerable role as the ICG is the only organization in the country specially equipped for such operations.


Iceland: Lögreglan

All police activities are operated by the State under the control of the Minister of Interior, the Supreme Commander of the Icelandic Police. The National Commissioner of Police acts on behalf of the Ministry of Interior in police affairs, mainly in administrative duties vis-à-vis the regional Commissioners of Police. He performs various administrative functions of law enforcement and carries out any police work which requires centralization or coordination. The nine district commissioners are responsible for police functions, including border control, and the daily administration of the police in their districts. The biggest unit working with border control is the Airport Division of the Sudurnes District Police at Keflavik International Airport.


Italy: Guardia Costiera

The Italian Coast Guard, a specialised Corp of the Navy, is controlled mainly by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. It collaborates with the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Fishery. The Corp’s Organisation is capillary. A central Headquarter is located in Rome where it manages 15 maritime regional offices, 128 local maritime offices and 48 smaller stations. The number of personnel working for the Italian Coast Guard is 10962.The Coast Guard has 150 naval ships, 21 aircraft and many underwater forces. The first priority of the Coast Guard is search and rescue at sea followed by maritime safety, marine environment and maritime fishing control.


Italy: Guardia di Finanza

Guardia di Finanza Corps presents the following structure: General Headquarters: defines the strategic planning initiatives, and liaises with external institutions and authorities, national and international, Public Finance Protection Headquarters: analyzes revenues, public spending and budget fraud, The Economy Protection Headquarters deals with the protection of deposit schemes, public economy, financial markets and the countering of organised financial crime, The Central Air & Naval Headquarters, which supervises, coordinates and controls the operational, training, logistic and administrative sectors for the Corps' open-sea deployment system. Territorial units are present in all locations, providing institutional services and financial security. Under the strategic directives issued by the General Headquarters, their actions are integrated with those of the special units. In addition to the above territorial component, there are 103 Tax Police Units which deal with investigations of a more specialised nature.


Italy: Polizia di Stato

The Polizia di Stato (Italian National Police) was established in 1981 by demilitarising the former Corpo delle Guardie di Pubblica Sicurezza. The Polizia di Stato corp, belongs to the Department of Public Security within the Ministry of the Interior. The Department has several Central Directorates including Central Directorate for Immigration and Border Police. The Polizia di Frontiera (Border Police branch) is a component of the Central Directorate for Immigration and Border Police, the body responsible for border and immigration management at land borders, sea borders and air borders. The aforementioned Directorate is also responsible for aviation security at airports and for return activities.

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