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Frontex Liaison Officers to non-EU countries

Based on the priorities set by the Frontex Management Board, the agency is developing a network of Frontex Liaison Officers (FLOs) in non-EU countries.

2016: FLO to Turkey (based in Ankara)
2017: FLO to Niger (based in Niamey)
2017: 1st FLO to Western Balkans (based in Belgrade, Serbia)
2019: FLO to Senegal (based in Dakar)
2021: 2nd FLO to the Western Balkans (based in Tirana, Albania)
Pending deployment: FLO to the Eastern Partnership (based in Kyiv, Ukraine)

Frontex also has experts deployed to the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) missions and operations, acting with a liaison function. Since summer 2017, a Frontex expert is supporting the EU Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EUBAM) on the ground. Frontex has exchanged experts acting as liaison officers with EU NAVFOR Med Sophia and the NATO Operation in the Aegean Sea.

In order to sustain the growing network of FLOs, the agency collaborates with the European Commission, the European External Action Service (EEAS) and other EU actors. The FLOs are part of a broader network of other European liaison officers deployed outside of the EU, such as the European Migration Liaison Officers (EMLOs), the European Return Liaison Officers (EURLOs), the Immigration Liaison Officers (ILOs) of EU Member States and future LOs of other EU agencies.

Frontex Liaison Officers to EU Member States

The European Border and Coast Guard Regulation tasks the agency to ensure regular monitoring of all Member States' management of the external borders through liaison officers. The aim is to foster cooperation and dialogue with the national authorities responsible for border management and return, including coast guards. Frontex is currently in the process of deploying 11 FLOs to EU Member States, namely:

  • FLO to Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland (based in Berlin)
  • FLO to Belgium, Iceland, Luxemburg and the Netherlands (based in Brussels)
  • FLO to Bulgaria (based in Sofia)
  • FLO to Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia (based in Budapest)
  • FLO to Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia (based in Bratislava)
  • FLO to Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (based in Stockholm)
  • FLO to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (based in Riga)
  • FLO to France (based in Paris)
  • FLO to Greece to cover Greece and Cyprus (based in Athens)
  • FLO to Italy and Malta (based in Rome)
  • FLO to Spain and Portugal (based in Madrid)

Partner Liaison Officers

Frontex may also receive liaison officers posted by non-EU countries or international organisations on a reciprocal basis.

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